December 4, 2011
San Franciso, CA, USA

Alright, so I'm just putting this up because some people asked for it. The sound is pretty rough. I'd turned on my H2 before the opening band and let it run until I left the Warfield, never once looking at it because I had a large number of security guards very close to me all night. I was also right up front. Le Butcherettes ended up being a bit quiet on their recording, but then the Stooges were just too goddamn loud. Some songs turned out better than others, but every song is affected by the intense volume. Check out the samples below.

The show was pretty great, though. I wasn't very familiar with them (though I obviously knew some songs), but it was like these guys were a new band of 20-somethings with the amazing energy on the stage. It's hard to believe Iggy's twice my age (also known as my mom's age). Well, the energy is surprising, at least. His skin is like leather. I touched him when he jumped in the crowd next to me during "I Wanna Be Your Dog." Didn't feel like skin.

Try to enjoy the recording. Oh, and any setlist feedback would be appreciated. I got it from the Los Angeles show a few days earlier and cut the tracks to it. Let me know if I screwed up.

1. Raw Power
2. Search and Destroy
3. Gimme Danger
4. Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
5. Shake Appeal
6. I Need Somebody
7. 1970
8. Fun House
9. LA Blues
10. Night Theme
11. Beyond the Law
12. I Got a Right
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog
14. Open Up and Bleed
15. Penetration
16. No Fun
17. Cock in My Pocket

1 hour, 4 minutes, 52 seconds

Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to boost volume + dump the right side and double the left side-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys