Iggy & The Stooges
Royal Festival Hall
20th June 2013

This Is My Recording
Front Stalls
Lineage: Olympus LS10 Recorder >16 bit
>Adobe Audition>Traders Little Helper Flac Level 8
Taper __rimbaud__

James Williamson catches me on the hop tonight as the lights go down
the band are on and he launches "Raw Power" before you can say"what the fuck"
So, 20 seconds or so are missed, i'm sure you can live with it.
The band are on typically shit hot form tonight, i doubt the festival hall has rocked
so much since, well, the last time they played here.
Iggy, for the first time i can remember though, showed a couple of signs that he's mortal
after all, only 2 stage dives, albeit 1 backwards, and a couple of references in words and song,
that he and they won't be around much longer , cherish them while they still are.....

01.Raw Power (missed first 20 seconds)
02.Gimme Danger
05.I Got A Right
06.Search and Destroy
08.Night Theme
09.Beyond The Law
11.Ready To Die
12.I Wanna Be Your Dog
13.No Fun
14.Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
16.Sex and Money
17.Open Up and Bleed
18.The Departed
19.Louie Louie
20.Cock In My Pocket

Iggy Pop - Vocals
James Williamson - guitar
Mike Watt - Bass
Steve Mackay - Sax
Toby Dammit - Drums