Iggy & the Stooges - 2013-06-26 - Stora Scenen, Liseberg, Gothenborg, SWE

Giant Squid Omnidirectional Powered Stereo Microphone >
Giant Squid battery box with bass roll off > Edirol R-09 44100/16 >
Sound Forge 8.0 for level adjustment and track splitting >
TLH to flac level 8

Recorded from about 30-35 meters from stage in front of the right speakerstack.

I cut out about 2 minutes of the encore applauses first because they are boring
to listen at and also to got the show to fit on one CD.

01-Raw Power
02-Gimme Danger
05-I Got a Right
06-Search and Destroy
07-Fun House
08-Beyond the Law
10-Ready to Die
11-I Wanna Be Your Dog
12-No Fun
15-Sex & Money
16-Open Up and Bleed
17-Cock in My Pocket
19-Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

Artwork included in torrent.

A nilssound production

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