Iggy Pop
October 20, 1977
Cobo Arena
Detroit, Michigan

Recording Gear: Teac M-100 microphone > Sony TC-153SD

JEMS Transfer: master cassette > Nakamichi 670ZX (azimuth adjusted) > Wavelab 24/96 .wav capture > iZotope MBIT+ resample to 16/44 > Pro Tools (Sound boost) > Audacity > FLAC > TLH

01 Intro > Sweet 16
02 Lust For Life
03 Neighborhood Threat
04 The Passenger
05 I Got a Right
06 Fall In Love With Me
07 Some Weird Sin
08 Nightclubbing (cut)
09 Nightclubbing > Raw Power
10 I Wanna Be Your Dog

Iggy Pop - Vocals
Stacey Heydon - Guitar
Scott Thurston - Piano, Guitar, Harmonica, Synthesizer
Tony Sales - Bass
Hunt Sales - Drums

Something I've always loved and admired about Iggy Pop is his intensity, his lack of fear to say what he thinks and above all, the evolution of his sound.

There is not much more to say about this concert that we don't already know: Iggy Pop, intensity and hard sound.

The recording is solid, albeit distant. There was not much to do about the sound quality, as I hate to use noise reduction or equalization in recordings, so I just limited myself to increase the volume 5 db to make it sound better, as the level was really low. There are songs where the sound becomes more distant and then returns to normality.

Also, some of what this recording suffers is that in some songs there is a lot of talking. I understand that one of the main reasons why most people record the shows they go to is that they prefer to be part of the show rather than to be simply (as I once saw mentioned in a post) "a human recorder.� Not everyone is cut out to be someone who stays still trying to get the best sound while everyone jumps to the rhythm of the music, and if we know Iggy Pop, we know there was plenty of audience participation.

So, taking that into account, we cannot blame the taper for any talk during the recording and I don't think it ultimately matters. While we all prefer a clean recording, we also accept a recording with one or two talkers to no recording at all. Samples provided.

One flaw in the recording is that "Nightclubbing" has a cut and the recording comes back when it's ending. Unfortunately, there was no way to bring the two ends together and hide the cut, so I had to fade in and out to make the transition more listeneable.

Another cut (though minor) was between "Raw Power" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog.� To our good fortune, I was able to repair that cut and give fluidity to the recording.

According to the standard setlist of the tour, the recording probably missed the end of the concert, which consisted of "That's How Strong My Love Is,� a Rolling Stones cover and "Fame.�


Thanks to the late great Jared Houser for recording this show in the first place nearly 40 years ago. If you�d like to learn more about Jared, spend 13 minutes watching this short video tribute to him:


Also thanks to Frogster, who handled all but the transfer on this one including the detailed notes.