Iggy Pop
Rock Around The World Promo LP
Catalogue No: PROGRAM #143
Air Date: May - 07 - 1977
Interview + 6 live tracks from Santa Monica Civic Auditorium 15.04.1977

Digital transfer from Promotional LP (cover scans attached)

Rec. Info:
Promo LP -> transfer via Thorens TD 146 + Magix Music Cleaning Lab to harddisk -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (remaster/edit) -> FLAC (44,1 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) -> DIME
Rare US promtional-only vinyl Radio show released for broadcast the week of 1-7 May 1977. Features 'Iggy Pop Interview' & 'Iggy Pop with David Bowie - Live'.
The live tracks are all from Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 15.04.1977 (6 songs) and are produced by David Bowie. These tracks have never been officially released.
It also contains 2 album songs "1970" by the Stooges and "Sister Midnight" which have been removed here as well as several record ads for other artists.
I removed most of the clicks and edited the tracks.

This is a great document from 1977 with Iggy talking about the music of the 70's in general and of course about himself and his relationship to his fans
("first comes the audience then the band and last myself"). Of course he talks also about his relationship to Bowie (while burping loudly).
The live tracks are all in excellent sound and it is said that the bootleg LP "Stowaway DOA" contains the same these tracks as well.

track list, length 39:27 min. (total length of promo-LP 59:25 min.)

01 - Iggy talking, DJ intro
02 - DJ talking
03 - I Wanna Be Your Dog
04 - Iggy talking, DJ talking
05 - DJ talking, Iggy talking
06 - Raw Power
07 - Iggy talking
08 - TV Eye
09 - Dirt
10 - Iggy talking, DJ talking
11 - DJ talking, Iggy talking
12 - Funtime
13 - Turn Blue
14 - Iggy talking, DJ talking
15 - DJ talking, Iggy talking
16 - Iggy talking, DJ talking
17 - Iggy talking
18 - DJ outro

An exact listing of the original content is on the scan of the flyer (without the song naming).

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The Idiot tour band 1977:

Iggy Pop: Vocals, Guitar
David Bowie: Keyboards
Ricky Gardiner: Guitar
Tony Sales: Bass
Hunt Sales: Drums

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