Artist: Iggy Pop
Venue: Barbarellas, Birmingham, UK
Date: May 4th 1979
Source: Audience

Lineage: Cassette (Unknown Gen)>Philips CDR600>CDR>Audacity Speed Corrected>TLH>Flac8>You

Excellent audience recording from the start of the New Values tour. I got the original cassette back in '82 or '83.
Unlike the Hartford show this runs at the correct speed :-)
All trackmarking was done on the Philips CDR unit, not the PC, but all of it seems to be pretty accurate.
This was a great little tour, by the time the US tour started at the end of '79 the band had changed (as had the attitude)
and those shows have a completely different feel.
This is a tight band and the setlist has a generous sprinkling of Stooges material amongst the New Values songs.
I'm pretty sure this won't have been on Dime before, but if it has, for those who don't have it, enjoy...

Running Time: 59-36

1.Intro (La Resa Dei Conti "60 Seconds To Nothing")...
2.Kill City
3.Fortune Teller...
4....New Values
5.Billy Is A Runaway
6.Endless Sea
7.Cock In My Pocket
9.Sister Midnight
10.Down On The Street
15.Louie Louie
16.I Wanna Be Your Dog
17.Shake Appeal
18.I'm Bored

Iggy Pop - Vocals
Jackie Clark - Guitar
Scott Thurston - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Glen Matlock - Bass/Vocals
Klaus Kruger - Drums