Iggy Pop - Soldier Demos
Rockefield Studios, Wales,UK 27th August, 1979

Lineage: Boot CD-->Flac (Level 6)-->You!


01. I Need More
02. I Need More (inst.)
03. I Snub You
04. Loco Mosquito #1
05. Loco Mosquito #2
06. I'm A Conservative (inst.)
07. I'm A Conservative
08. Knockin' Em Down #1
09. Knockin' Em Down #2
10. Get Up And Go Out (inst.)
11. Ambition (inst.)
12. Instrumental #1
13. Instrumental #2
14. Take Care Of Me (inst.)
15. Instrumental #3

Additional comments:
I got this about year ago from an on-line store overseas. Truthfully, the
sound quality doens't really knock me out, although I must add that I
haven't seen these demos anywhere else and I'd give these songs about a 6 or 7 on the
sound-quality scale and about a 9 or 10 on the rarity scale! When I converted the
song for the MP3 sample,I noticed that the tune was about 20 DB low so perhaps
someone can get ambitious and work on the levels and upload an upgrade down the
road.. Enjoy!

Converted & uploaded by newyorkdoll!!