Iggy Pop
The Longhorn Bar, Minneapolis
20 November 1979

Excellent quality stereo recording - speed corrected


The original torrent is below.
Speed correction (+6%) was carried out, some widening of the sound, some correction of minor dropout, a little
cleaning up here and there.
The original torrent :
Torrent #358246 Iggy Pop Minneapolis 1979-11-20 -RESEED-

Dime download > Audacity [speed + 6%, high pass filter, some re-balancing, and image widening] > CD Wave > FLAC

01 Real Cool TIme
02 Knockin' 'Em Down
03 Take Care of Me
04 Dog Food
05 New Values
06 TV Eye
07 Play It Safe
08 Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
09 Fun Time - synth noise
10 I Wanna Be Your Dog
11 One for My Baby
12 No Fun
13 China Girl
14 Five Foot One

This another one that was a pleasant surprise...I'd missed it on Dime the first time. I feel the sound quality is
amazing! Much of it sounds as good - or even better, than the FM recordings from San Francisco and Los Angeles.
New Values, One for My Baby I'd certainly include in that!

On the technical side, this is a very good recording, but like with many recordings there were minor issues to iron
out. The vocal - wandered from channel to channel a little, while I did do some re-balancing of the sound here and
there, I couldn't do much about that. There is the sound of some CD rot (crackling) after I Wanna Be Your Dog
in particular...thankfully this doesn't affect much of the rest of it.

This sounds great overall...it's got that tension of a great Iggy show, and that "oh, to have been there!" feeling,
and yet the recording is clear and powerful enough to feel you were!...Enjoy, a lot! I didn't think I'd find a show
from this tour that would match the power of the LA 30th November show (the San Francisco recordings come very
close of course), but this one seems to!

Thanks to all involved in playing, recording, and sharing this great show...I'm very pleased to have it!

Wiki comment on the Longhorn Bar...I removed part of it not so much as 'pro-censorship', but to avoid a possibly
inflammatory remark about another very well known venue hitting a lot of people's e-mail.

From the wiki -

"Jay's Longhorn Bar, most frequently referred to by patrons as The Longhorn has arguably been considered what
constituted the nexus of the punk music scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was located at 14 S. 5th Street
in the downtown district of the city. Originally owned by Jay Berine with help from general manager/artist
director/Musican Al Wodtke(Badfinger,KYX). The Longhorn became a legendary punk rock/hardcore punk venue.
Bands that have played there include, but are not limited to:The Flamin oh's,Blondie, Hüsker Dü, The
Replacements, The Suburbs, the Suicide Commandos, Naked Raygun, The Effigies, The Ramones, Lily Tomlin,
The Plasmatics, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The Police (on their first US tour) and many more. Before
it was an established punk rock venue, the Longhorn hosted a thriving jazz scene. It was homebase for the
progressive jazz group Natural Life and brought with it many national and international jazz acts.

Chris Osgood, singer/guitarist of the Suicide Commandos, said about the Longhorn in the July/August 2005
issue of Magnet magazine: "The Longhorn was like CBGB in that it was a long bar with a low ceiling
and the band was up on a riser at one end of the room. It had been a Nino's Steakhouse before it turned
into a bar, so it was not a dump,[derogatory and inflammatory comment about another venue removed! :)]."

Nostalgia for the hey days of the venue was the focus of Minnesota musician Dylan Hicks song 'The
Longhorn Days' from his 1998 album 'Poughkeepsie'."