Iggy Pop
23 May 1980
Palais d' Hiver
Lyon, France
FM broadcast

Nakamichi tapedeck > CDR > CD Wave > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

this is a remix of the concert originally torrented, by me, here.
The main difference is I feel this version sounds significantly better,
particularly in headphones.
Original version is as follows :
Torrent #346532 Iggy Pop - 1980-05-23, Palais d' Hiver, Lyon, France. FM mono - UPGRADE NEEDED (if there is one)

29 Minutes

01 I'm a Conservative
02 Funtime
04 Dog Food
05 Five Foot One
06 One for My Baby
07 Lust for Life

First things first : I have entered a Contrast Clause here to differentiate between my 'straight' transfer of
this I torrented a few weeks back, and this remix version.

I feel this sounds better to my ears. I have widened the sound and in headphones at least it sounds a lot
better to me. It feels like a very good approximation of stereo sound - and I wouldn't be sharing this now
if I didn't feel it was a significant improvement over the original torrent. You may or may not agree :
this is free, and you can delete it if you don't like it.

I stumbled across a remix method when using Audacity...it's quite complex and like any mixing trial and
error is involved. I suggest if you are curious download and see what you think, as I think it's best to
judge by how something sounds rather by any amount of technical description of how it was done. I feel
this sounds great...a testament far more to the potential within the original recording, and even more so
to Iggy Pop and his band.

I'd just like to politely ask can some others try some more seeds too? :) Even if it's re-seeds it
might help encourage someone who's got something unusual to share.


I'm keen to get hold of these...

9 April 77 Seattle Full length recording

I've checked Per Nilson's book "The Wild One" and it lists in the "Audio Tapes" section in the back -

9 Apr Paramount Theatre, Seattle (70/VG)

so someone must have it! :)

18 November 77 Santa Monica Full length Recording

The above gig is also listed in the back of Per Nilson's book too, so someone must have the full
length show! Like the Paramount Theatre show it's great quality so deserves to be heard!

04.11.79 My Father's Place, New York
14.05.80 Montpellier, Grand Odeon (I have a lot from this period now, but this is apparently a fine
quality recording so could be interesting)
23.05.80 Lyon, Palais d' Hiver (FM broadcast *stereo* version if it exists, or with more than 7
tracks if that exists?)
03.11.81 Club Foot Austin,Texas (includes Shakin' All Over!)
07.11.82 Duffy's, Mineapolis
17.06.83 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall (soundboard)
17.11.90 Boston, Citi Club
10.07.91 Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Pinede Gould
29.08.93 Dronten Lowland Festival - FM broadcast, 52 mins version (ie longer than the Out On the
Streets Again CD version)
27.10.93 Milano, San Giovani Palasesto - FM broadcast, 78 minutes version (ie longer than the
Tough Guys Do Dance CD version)
24.11.93 Offenbach Stadthalle
10.12.93 Amsterdam, Paradiso - soundboard recording
23.01.94 Kawasaki Club Citta
13.02.94 Gothenburg, Rondo - FM broadcast
20.02.94 Copenhagen Pumpehuset
28.04.96 Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom
15.06.96 Oslo, Norwegian Wood Festival
22.06.96 Lorelei Festival - was broadcast on TV, a stereo version must exist?
20.07.96 Gurten Festival - FM broadcast
05.04.98 Spain, Esparrago Rock - FM broadcast

How about you?

If you are after the above or any other Iggy gigs, if you find / make time to seed something that's
unusual or simply some Iggy that's not been seeded for a while, if just 1 in 20-40 downloaders did the
same there's a good chance more Iggy that you've been after could turn up!

If, like me, you've spent a lot of time combing the net for long lost Iggy recordings, think of how
something you are after could just turn up here - after someone who's got something you would like
picks up something seeded here and likes that too!

Iggy karma!? :)

If Dime torrenting isn't your thing, there are other options...uploading through other forms, CDR by
mail etc, let's get more circulating here!