Iggy Pop
Waves Club, Chicago
1st October 1980

FM Stereo - EX quality

CD-R > Audacity > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

Extra tracks (from same gig) from Vietnam LP :
LP > PC > upload > to me > FLAC > WAV > De-click > FLAC

Minor re-work : to correct strong bias towards left channel, extreme bass heaviness after 1st track, and
make smooth join of the two halves of 'Brakes On' (include trying to compensate for the change of ambience
on the second side of the tape - dolby switched off?)


01 Raw Power
02 I Wanna Be Your Dog
03 Dog Food
04 Shake Appeal
05 TV Eye
06 Search and Destroy
07 No Fun
08 nightclubbin
09 Brakes On
10 Knockin' Em Down In The City
11 Lust for Life
13 One For My Baby
14 Funtime
15 Take Care of Me

Extra Tracks

16 TV Eye
17 Brakes On - no join in the middle!

- both slightly higher quality, minor re-work of version from 'Vietnam LP' (channels reversed, left bias corrected)

This is a great recording, I'm glad to finally get it together in a reasonably complete form that sounds as good as it can get, I believe. (I say reasonably complete as I have to leave off the officially released 'It's Alright').

Before anyone starts thinking...ah right, this'll be bass light, no, far from it, even after reducing the bass it's still damn heavy! I may yet do my own personal further edit for my own listening to not get a headache when listening in headphones. It reminds me of Live at Leeds a little for this reason, only with more bass.

Raw Power does have a little mild dropout in the right channel, starting around 2.30, then recovering by around 4.00...
but to be honest I didn't think I could effectively repair it due to it gradually returning to normal.

I joined the two halves of Brakes On from the tape sourced recording (which I got on a CD-R I was sent) as discreetly as I could. Brakes On clearly was split during tape copying at some stage, but thankfully there doesn't seem to be any music noticeably missing.
There was a fade out at the end of the side 1 section that I processed slightly to make the join sound less obvious. I had to do my best to match the sound on the second part of the song as the side 2 part sounds slightly more hissy and more bassy, possibly because
the original tape may have been copied at some point with dolby on side 1 but not side 2, perhaps.

I elected not to use Shake Appeal from the Vietnam LP (which I torrented elsewhere anyway) as the levels fluctuate at several
points (0.30 + 1.15 +1.30 +2.00) so I deemed it unsuitable for this project. Nightclubbing and Lust For Life from that LP
were interesting to hear but considerably edited. TV Eye, which I have used is edited too, but works so well despite that,
due to the high audio quality and the tension of the band's performance, and Iggy's scene setting.

It was a pleasure to find Brakes On - a great Iggy outtake he performed live for a while at this time - complete without a cut in the middle - from the Vietnam LP recording another Iggy fan kindly sent me.

Both Brakes On and TV Eye from the Vietnam LP (which I torrented elsewhere on Dime) are presented here with the channels switched, and the right channel raised by 6db, and the left channel by 3db to correct the balance. These versions from the Vietnam LP - re-worked to get more of the grind of the guitars - is actually a lot clearer...it's a shame the entire broadcast is not circulating in that quality. It does have a little distortion in one channel but it's a pretty smooth and hiss free capture. It shows the quality of the masters of this show and the Toronto 81 show that the makers of Iggy bootleg LPs had...recordings of Toronto 81 and this show in that standard would be extremely worthy of official release. Something tells me that's not so likely, which is a great shame. Who knows what might turn up though.

The main concert recording had a minor treatment as follows - 101 High Pass Filter to reduce bass from track 2, I wanna Be Your
Dog onwards. I noticed the bass levels definitely went up from that point onwards. As noted above, it's still quite a bassy recording. As the ambience / hiss levels was slightly different on the side 2 sourced part, from Brakes On part 2 the treatment was generally - 101 High Pass Filter, 7450 Low Pass Filter, raise gain by 1.2db. For the entire recording the left channel was reduced
by 6db to address the serious left channel bias in the original recording. Iggy's vocal still sounds left of centre for much of the
recording but the recording sounds far more acceptable to my ears now.


Cleveland, Public Hall 22 September 1972 FM broadcast.

This show was recorded by WMMS and broadcast on FM a week later but the station later destroyed the tape. At least parts of this definitely exist, I have been told by a fan who knows of its existence.

If you have it, why not share? There's little money in bootlegs and archive recordings any more, and experience shows if people offer up rare shows, others follow suit. The Bowie 'market' for live recordings is said to be 'tight' by some non-fan observers (indeed, I've had mails from such collectors mentioning this), the more that share the better, I've found. When I've torrented a rare show, I've had offers of more rare things.

Why not try it?


3LP of Bad Segeburg 18 June 1983.

I am well aware that there was a CD version, and torrents of that and a tape version of the LP version have been shared...can someone share a direct transfer from the LP, please?

**I've been asking about the above recording for six months or more now, some Bowie fan out there must be able to help?**


I'm keen to get hold of these...

9 April 77 Seattle Full length recording

I've checked Per Nilson's book "The Wild One" and it lists in the "Audio Tapes" section in the back -

9 Apr Paramount Theatre, Seattle (70/VG)

so someone must have it! :)

27.05.78 Brunnsparken, Orebro, Sweden
17.06.83 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall (soundboard)
17.11.90 Boston, Citi Club
10.07.91 Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Pinede Gould
29.08.93 Dronten Lowland Festival - FM broadcast, 52 mins version (ie longer than the Out On the Streets Again CD version)
27.10.93 Milano, San Giovani Palasesto - FM broadcast, 78 minutes version (ie longer than the Tough Guys Do Dance CD version)
24.11.93 Offenbach Stadthalle
23.01.94 Kawasaki Club Citta
13.02.94 Gothenburg, Rondo - FM broadcast
20.02.94 Copenhagen Pumpehuset
05.04.98 Spain, Esparrago Rock - FM broadcast
26.10.99 Los Angeles, El Rey Theatre
4/5?11.99 New York, Irving Plaza
22.11.99 Stockholm, Circus [FM]
02.12.99 Brussels, Ancienne Belgique [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
23.05.00 Warsaw, Torwar Hall [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
15.07.00 Gurten Festival [FM]
16.05.01 Minneapolis, First Avenue .
16.06.01 Hultsfred Festival
21.06.01 Dortmund, Soundgarden [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
23.06.01 Neuhausen, Southside Festival [FM]
08.07.01 Eurokeennes de Belfort [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
16.08.01 Avenches, Rock Oz´Arenes Festival [FM]
19.08.01 Bizarre Festival [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
26.07.02 Östersund, Storsjöyran Festival [FM]
31.07.02 Cagliari, Arena Monte Claro [Soundboard FM]

How about you?

If you are after the above or any other Iggy gigs, if you find / make time to seed something that's unusual or simply some Iggy that's not been seeded for a while, if just 1 in 20-40 downloaders did the same there's a good chance more Iggy that you've been after could turn up!

If, like me, you've spent a lot of time combing the net for long lost Iggy recordings, think of how something you are after could just turn up here - after someone who's got something you would like picks up something seeded here and likes that too!

If Dime torrenting isn't your thing, there are other options...uploading through other forms, CDR by mail etc, let's get more circulating here!

Thanks for any help on any of the above shows!