Iggy Pop
Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz
2 November 1980
Very good to excellent quality stereo audience recording

CDR > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

01 Knocking Em Down in the City
02 Raw Power
03 Search and Destroy
04 I Wanna Be Your Dog
05 Dog Food
06 Nightclubbing
07 Take Care of Me
08 No Fun
09 Funtime
10 Lust for Life
11 Sister Midnight
12 Shake Appeal
13 Pleasure
14 TV Eye
15 Brakes On
16 It's Alright
17 Rock and Roll Party

Slightly hissy / murky in the first half or so, but otherwise very good indeed. The sound went from murky to very clean, I did the tiniest tweaking, a little de-murking of the first half.



I'm keen to get hold of these...

Santa Monica 18 November 1977 [4 tracks were featured on the Suck on This LP, but I always felt the whole gig would be of interest, and it did circulate way back, I remember seeing it in a bootleg list somewhere...]
18.05.80 Palasport (aka pesaro) Italy (FM broadcast)
23.05.80 Lyon, Palais d' Hiver (stereo version of this FM broadcast?)
02.11.80 The Catalyst Santa Cruz
11.11.82 Calgary, McEwan (FM broadcast)
17.06.83 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall (soundboard)
29.06.83 Sydney Capitol Theatre

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