Iggy Pop
Toad's Palace, New Haven
9 August 1981

very good quality audience recording - re-worked


Above > Audacity > TLH > FLAC

Iggy Pop - vocals
Rob DuPrey - lead guitar
Gary Valentine - guitar
Richard Sohl - keyboards
Mike Page - bass
Doug Bowne - drums

01 raw power
02 the passenger
03 funtime
04 bang bang
05 i'm bored
06 pumping for jill
07 search and destroy
08 new values
09 Lust for Life
10 knocking em down (in the city)
11 rock and roll party
12 eggs on plate
13 dogfood
14 gloria-One Two Brown Eyes

The balance was way to the left on this recording, so I have done my best to correct that. I did this for my own listening
but felt it was offering here to those who might be curious. It's still not perfectly balanced - the instrumentation is
towards the left channel, while Iggy's vocal hovers between the middle and the right channel, a bit like an early Beatles
stereo mix! Some may feel that's an exaggeration and that it's fine, others may feel that's it's no good to them.

Check the sample and see for yourself : this is an alternative offered up that I feel is of interest to Iggy fans.

If this is for you, enjoy.

The re-work was roughly as follows
-12db decrease (as the mixing and combining needs space)
double up the tracks, add .01 sec delay to one of the channels, split channels and mix either side (balance achieved through
trial and error - largely balanced towards the right to sort out left bias issue)
Combine above doubled up track with untouched track with the latter at a higher level : in this case the balanced for the mixed verison was 20% towards the right channel, and the unmixed version I set it at 50% towards the right (again trial and error). The above mixing while giving a nice widening effect I am more than aware can sometimes sound artificial to some, and I have found combining it with the untouched file means a balance is achieved between the raw sound of the original and the mixed version. Studios used - and I'm sure still do - used to resort to all sorts of double tracking and compression effects and the bottom line is this method I found by trial and error sounds good to me and others. Those who do not approve or find it does not sound good to them - no-one is forcing you to download this.
Voila...I listen to live recordings in headphones for the most part, and many people listen in headphones / earphones these days.
This may sound better to many like that, and I am aware that through conventional speakers this sort of mix / re-work may or may
not sound as good as an untouched version. It's very subjective, and very much down to individual preference.


I'm keen to get hold of these...

9 April 77 Seattle Full length recording

I've checked Per Nilson's book "The Wild One" and it lists in the "Audio Tapes" section in the back -

9 Apr Paramount Theatre, Seattle (70/VG)

so someone must have it! :)

17.06.83 Osaka, Koseinenkin Hall (soundboard)
17.11.90 Boston, Citi Club
10.07.91 Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Pinede Gould
29.08.93 Dronten Lowland Festival - FM broadcast, 52 mins version (ie longer than the Out On the Streets Again CD version)
27.10.93 Milano, San Giovani Palasesto - FM broadcast, 78 minutes version (ie longer than the Tough Guys Do Dance CD version)
24.11.93 Offenbach Stadthalle
23.01.94 Kawasaki Club Citta
13.02.94 Gothenburg, Rondo - FM broadcast
20.02.94 Copenhagen Pumpehuset
05.04.98 Spain, Esparrago Rock - FM broadcast
26.10.99 Los Angeles, El Rey Theatre
4/5?11.99 New York, Irving Plaza
22.11.99 Stockholm, Circus [FM]
02.12.99 Brussels, Ancienne Belgique [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
23.05.00 Warsaw, Torwar Hall [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
15.07.00 Gurten Festival [FM]
16.05.01 Minneapolis, First Avenue .
16.06.01 Hultsfred Festival
21.06.01 Dortmund, Soundgarden [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
23.06.01 Neuhausen, Southside Festival [FM]
08.07.01 Eurokeennes de Belfort [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
16.08.01 Avenches, Rock Oz´Arenes Festival [FM]
19.08.01 Bizarre Festival [there was a TV broadcast - maybe a stereo audio exists?]
26.07.02 Östersund, Storsjöyran Festival [FM]
31.07.02 Cagliari, Arena Monte Claro [Soundboard FM]

How about you?

If you are after the above or any other Iggy gigs, if you find / make time to seed something that's unusual or simply some Iggy that's not been seeded for a while, if just 1 in 20-40 downloaders did the same there's a good chance more Iggy that you've been after could turn up!

If, like me, you've spent a lot of time combing the net for long lost Iggy recordings, think of how something you are after could just turn up here - after someone who's got something you would like picks up something seeded here and likes that too!

If Dime torrenting isn't your thing, there are other options...uploading through other forms, CDR by mail etc, let's get more circulating here!

Thanks for any help on any of the above shows!