Iggy Pop
1986-11-12 (Wednesday, November 12, 1986)
The Trocadero
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Source: Unknown Microphone > Unknown Recorder
Transfer: ANA(1) > TEAC W-890R > Audacity > WAV [16-bit/44.1kHz] > CD Wave Audio Editor v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper v2.7.0 > FLAC v1.3.1 [Level 8]
Taper: The King of Rock
Transferrer: realomind
Additional Editing: Anthony Listro <aflistro@gmail.com>

Disc One [01:18:19.453]
01. "I Got a Right" [03:16.107]
02. "Gimme Danger" [03:31.347]
03. "Some Weird Sin" [03:46.480]
04. "Real Wild Child (Wild One)" [03:29.333]
05. "Sister Midnight" [04:51.400]
06. "Blah-Blah-Blah" [04:53.267]
07. "Baby, It Can't Fall" [04:20.213]
08. "Nightclubbing" [04:23.200]
09. "Fire Girl" [03:17.680]
10. "Five Foot One" [04:08.773]
11. "Shades" [06:12.453]
12. "T.V. Eye" [05:07.307]
13. "Down on the Street" [03:55.040]
14. "China Girl" [05:34.013]
15. "Hideaway" [05:02.067]
16. "Winners & Losers" [07:00.827]
17. "Isolation" [05:29.947]

Disc Two [14:19.627]
01. "Lust for Life" [05:50.427]
02. "Raw Power" [03:39.253]
03. "Cry for Love" [04:49.947]

Total Running Time [01:32:39.080]

Show notes: A raucous crowd welcomes Iggy Pop and his band as they come out swinging through the first five songs of the main set before addressing the audience with "Good evening." What would become a run of the mill set list for the rest of the 1986 USA leg of the Blah-Blah-Blah tour is heard here, but it may have been done in preparation for the upcoming performances at The Ritz in New York. The trade off is a really strong performance having everybody on their A game. "Come on, come on, come on, come on" is emphasized by Pop after wrapping up the stab at the Stooges' "T.V. Eye" to continue the run through another 'Fun House' favorite ("Down on the Street"), a revisited "China Girl" given the widely known re-recording by David Bowie, and three new songs from 'Blah-Blah-Blah' ("Hideaway," "Winners & Losers," "Isolation") until taking a deserved encore break. Returning to the stage sees Pop finish off the audience with a strong three song encore touching on some old (Pop's 1977 infectious self-titled hit from 'Lust for Life', Iggy and the Stooges' 1973 self-titled frenzy from 'Raw Power') and some new ("Cry for Love," the first single from the current album being toured on at this time of the recording). The audience inside the Trocadero is then hit with the final statement of "Good night! You've been swell, God bless ya!"

Recording notes: This recording contains audible crowd discussion and sing along during the songs. The beginning of "I Got a Right" and "Lust for Life" feature small cuts. A tape flip occurs during "Shades" and "T.V. Eye" yet no music is lost. The encore break is not included on the source tape. The transfer done by realomind includes Audacity in the lineage to apply the Normalize effect separately to both sides of the Maxell XLII compact cassette. I received the WAV file and have removed dead space from sides A & B, and the tape flip left on the transfer. I have included an MD5 for the WAV files and a FLAC fingerprint for the FLAC files, an informative text file, tracking, and tagged FLAC files. This is a 16-bit/44.1Hz file set and is free of Sector Boundary Errors.