Iggy Pop
The Apolo Stadium, Athens, Greece
3rd September 1988

Master cassette > Kenwood Stereo cassette deck X-S300 >
Philips CDR775 Audio CD recorder > Maxell XL - II 80
CD-RW > PC> Express rip > CD Wave editor > FLAC (Level 8)
> Traders little Helper > Dime

02.Kill City
05.Power And Freedom
06.Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell!
07.High On You
08.The Passenger
10.5 Foot 1
11.Shake Appeal
12.Tuff Baby
13.Real Wild Child
14.Winners And losers
15.Search And Destroy
16.Cold Metal
17.Square Head
18.No Fun
19.I Wanna Be Your Dog
20.I Got A Right

79:46 mins

I was sent the cassette of this Iggy recording to transfer
by fellow Dimer and occasional gig buddy Mark Atkinson which
was in turn sent to him by a Greek taper if my memory serves
me right. I don't know if this has ever been shared before
so if not it's a presnet to all Iggy fans out there so please

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