Iggy Pop
Circus Krone, M´┐Żnchen, Germany
November - 18 - 1988

from MILAN collection # 027

Rec. Info:
1st gen aud cassette copied in the 80s / 1 st gen cass transfer via Onkyo tapedeck TA-2330 -> Magix Music Cleaning Lab (edit/remaster) -> FLAC -> DIME
The sound is very good especially after some equalizing. Again the audience noise was calmed down between songs.
It is the full concert but due to tape flip there is a cut before the end of Real Wild Child and the next song, Winners And Losers, fades in.

I'm not sure if this recording was circulating. At least there seems to exist another one.
Iggy is in good mood, shouting and screaming a lot between songs and the audience is going nuts as well.
Many critics evaluate the Instinct album + tour as inferior to his other phases but I must admit that at least the live performings
I heard contradict to that. Some of the songs are performed differently compared to other tours like 1970 which starts as usual but then turns into something completely different after a break in the song.
Other songs (i. e. TV Eye) are played "on speed". The Instinct material fits in very well and of course he plays 3 songs from Kill City which makes this concert very lovable.
A copy of the ticket stub is attached.

(Almost) FULL SHOW (85:03 min.)

01 Instinct
02 Kill City
03 1969
04 Penetration
05 Power And Freedom
06 Beyond The Law
07 High On You
08 Some Weird Sin
09 Sixteen
10 Five Foot One
11 Johanna
12 Shake Appeal
13 Tuff Baby
14 Real Wild Child (fades out)
15 Winners And Losers (fades in) -> The Scene Of The Crime
16 TV Eye
17 Search & Destroy
18 Cold Metal
19 Squarehead
20 No Fun
21 I Wanne Be Your Dog
22 1970
23 I Got A Right

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Tour Band INSTINCT TOUR 1988:
Iggy Pop: Vocals
Seamus Beaghen: Keyboards, Guitar
Andy McCoy: Lead Guitar
Alvin Gibbs: Bass
Paul Garisto: Drums

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