Iggy Pop
Winterthur, New York and Glasgow
27th August, 31st October and 15th December 1988

Cassette > Nakamichi Deck > CD > wav > flac

01. Beyond The Law - Glasgow 88
02. High on You - Glasgow 88
03. Some Weird Sin - New York 88
04. The Passenger - Glasgow 88
05. Sweet Sixteen - Glasgow 88
06. Johanna - New York 88
07. Tuff Baby - New York 88
08. Real Wild Child - New York 88
09. No Fun - Glasgow 88
10. 1970 - Glasgow 88
11. I Got a Right - Glasgow 88
12. Louie Louie - Winterthur 88
13. Sweet Sixteen - New York 88
14. High On You - New York 88

This won't be for everyone, but this is my own compilation from some of Iggy's 1988 shows, that I have decided to share.

The songs here are my personal picks from these concerts :

Winterthur Musik Festwoche 27th August 1988
New York 31st October 1988
Glasgow Barrowlands 15th December 1988

The sources are very good quality audience recordings, however the tapes were subject to wow and flutter (minor speed fluctuation) here and there,
and given that the high quality recordings (like Chicago 12th July 88, Boston 19th July 88, and New York 20th July 88) repeat several tracks
commonly performed on that tour already, generally I avoided those most performed tracks, unless the performance made it rise above the
duplication for me.

Aside from the wow and flutter issues on New York and Winterthur (particularly on the latter, it's quite prominent on that), Glasgow was quite
a variable performance...very good audio quality, but on the musical side, at least in terms of how it comes across from the tape, varies
from very good, to ok, to not so good. So cherry picking like this - for my own purposes at least made sense in more ways than one.

High On You, The Passenger, Johanna, and 1970 may have appeared on the high quality recordings I mentioned, but I felt these were particularly
good performances hence including them.

I have done a little speed correction and some mixing and re-balancing and to make a smooth flowing recording.

I'm pleased with the results, and I hope you will enjoy this too.


Still currently seeking these -

CHINA GIRL from the AGORA BALLROOM 21/22.3.77
(this song has NOT made official release unlike the rest of the gig :
it was available on the Bowie/Iggy 'Alarm' bootleg LP and also was featured on the Dutch FM broadcast).

Iggy live 1st April 1987 Sag Harbour FM gig

Iggy live 5th April 87 NYC 1018 - DVD version.

Also, as I'm interested in listening over more very good audience recordings from 1988 that contain some of the less performed tracks,
I wonder if any of these could be shared -

Athens (Greece), Apollon Football Ground 3 Sep 88

Dusseldorf, Phillipshalle 17 Nov 88 (had this before when it was seeded somewhere but lost it in a pc crash)

London, Town and Country Club 18 Dec 88

Thanks for any help!