Artist - Iggy Pop

Date - 1990/11/10 (Saturday, November 10, 1990)

Venue - The Academy, New York, NY USA

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Raw Power.flac:2aab2a09346af45652c653b29cb27905 (CUTS IN)
Track 02 - Five Foot One.flac:22b03170b4dc3d8e17510e83bc7a7295
Track 03 - Dirt.flac:9f6960054ec69736c99267b977ebbf01
Track 04 - Loose.flac:d54d10c9452721fd194fa143141dee55
Track 05 - Lust For Life.flac:b69d012ddec3e27870f655aa637dcd96
Track 06 - China Girl.flac:03f665dd444d2e297808db26a2d6927f
Track 07 - I Got A Right.flac:f16de4e9a1c0252801168ae4ae29bac6
Track 08 - Butt Town.flac:67602b75af935710d9ba69142f81ab05
Track 09 - Dum Dum Boys.flac:6873f962e2bf7fd4102cd1fe6df07291
Track 10 - My Baby Wants To Rock And Roll.flac:cd2c3b2502eeb821b184e4557d18a0a7
Track 11 - Neon Forest.flac:5b592bf6e7c8444ee2bed2a36e0ca660
Track 12 - Home.flac:92a58c148eea6cb4799241bb3021b9e7
Track 13 - Brick By Brick.flac:1d2685aa46ba415bf4a74c108c997e74
Track 14 - 1969.flac:aee5911a498a01a2deef26e70e932afe
Track 15 - Candy.flac:02fcd585b8245813801040e35f915faf
Track 16 - Search And Destroy.flac:6f307f0e1b818ef4ca391feead700a1a
Track 17 - I Wanna Be Your Dog.flac:7059220a49cbf8663a2d3659c1e4f6c6
Track 18 - Main Street Eyes.flac:31437d58319c80247963b8ca9d4c1f91
Track 19 - No Fun.flac:c80950da368870db091413114bc7b404

Lineage -

TDK SA 100 high bias cassette tape (low gen) >
SONY TC-WE405 stereo cassette deck >
Aiwa XC-RW700 CD/CD recorder >
SONY CD-R AUDIO 80 min. CDs >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (track and edit wav files here) >
Trader's Little Helper (wav to flac, Flac Frontend
encode level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

Quality - 7-8/10 very good to very good plus audience recording,
with segments of excellent minus, IMHO as always.

CD 1: 10 tracks, 46:27
CD 2: 9 tracks, 44:04
TT: 90:31 This SHOULD be the ENTIRE concert.

I bought this concert tape at a record show about 18 years ago.
I was assured that this tape contains the whole performance and
that it was low generation. I wanted to upload this one on Dime
because there is a small but loyal Iggy following that snaps these
up as soon as the upload begins. I also wanted again to pay back
all the great people that've increased my music collection to the
point of idiocy. I wasn't at this show so I'll give you a brief
rundown of the recording, good points and bad.

First, the good points:

1) As mentioned above, this recording is probably complete.
This is a long show by Iggy standards.

2) There is no distortion present. There are virtually no speed
problems or any other serious faults to prevent you from enjoying
this show.

3) Amazingly, there is virtually NO audience chatter present on this
tape. The taper was lucky to be surrounded by civilized fans who were
there for the music, not by selfish assholes who wanted to hear
themselves talk. There is a little shouting and screaming ; it IS an
Iggy Pop show after all !

4) This is one of the wildest Iggy shows that I've ever heard. You will
not believe some of the things he says ! The World's Forgotten Boy is
ON FIRE for this one.

Second, the bad (fairly minor) points:

1) There is some hiss, especially on headphones, but it's NOT

2) There are many momentary volume reductions (NOT dropouts) most
likely caused by a loose wire/connection somewhere in the recording
chain (NOT in my equipment). I thought at first that these could be
removed with a splitter but when I saw the waveforms, the reductions
were identically present in both channels. Fixing every one would be
a monumental task and a huge pain in the ass. If you wish, go for it !

3) Iggy's vocals are a bit subdued in the first part of the show. The
show initially sounds a little distant but improves. I'm sure that the
taper was moving around.

4) The SQ is not the best, but it's a fairly good show and one that I
think is rare. I've NEVER seen this one offered for upload here on the

So there you have it. This is the raw recording that I've had lo
these many years. I changed NOTHING about this recording except
to track it and to remove a few taper stops that were a bit jarring
to the listening experience. No music is missing. This show fits
on 2 74 min. CDs. CD 1 = Tracks 1 - 10. CD 2 = Tracks 11 - 19. That's
about all I have to say, so let's get this show on the road...

Finally, please don't buy, sell or convert this show to mp3 or
any other lossy format. Please seed this as long as you can.
Please trade this freely as it probably is uncirculated. This show
will be a welcome addition to any Iggy Pop fan's collection. I
think that ALL of you will really like this show and I will post
a sample to help some of you decide whether or not to download this.
If you were at this show, please share your memories. One last thing :
is "The Academy" Howard Stein's Academy Of Music ??? My tape says
"The Academy" so I need your help in more accurately identifying the
venue. TIA ! So, as Mr. Natural keeps on and on and on saying, have fun,
don't freak out and enjoy the concert !

jojogunne 10/21/2009