Iggy Pop
Beach Rock
The Netherlands

Taper : Clogboy
Equipment : Sony AD3 & Sony shotgun mic
Type : Audience
Generation : Master

Lineage; Sony AD3 & Sony shotgun mic (Maxell XL2 Chrome tape)- Yamaha Stand Alone cdr burner � FLAC- you


01. Down On The Street
02. Raw Power
03. TV Eye
04. Hate
05. Wild One
06. Loose
07. I Wanna Be Your Dog
08. The Passenger
09. Search And Destroy
10. I'm Sick Of You
11. Lust For Life
12. Home
13. No Fun (In Nederfuckingland)
14. Louie Louie

Total Running Time : 01:10:28
Size (FLAC) : 455,67 MB

One of the only handful of shows I taped on cassette tape post summer 1993.
The DAT was to precious to me to carry on a sandy beach!
Good gig but some disappointment as the only song left of American Ceasar was Hate.
Only show I taped of this festival.

Wanted to tape Killing Joke but didn�t want to be a sitting duck for security.
No cover! Other bands that played that day were Killing Joke and INXS plus others I don�t remember.

A Clogboy production: Catalogue number 263/541. Collect �em all.
To my knowledge, nothing of this show has been officially released in any format.
Please feel free to remaster, repost, convert to any format that suits you.
Credit to the the taper appreciated but if you don�t, so be it.
Without people like me, you wouldn�t have access to this recording.
If you can�t find this recording for free on the internet, ask your local record dealer.
Support the artist. Thank you.�