artist: Iggy Pop & the Stooges
date: 25 september 2012
venue: Casino de Paris
city: Paris
country : France
source: Aud
gen: Master
taper: Renaud (R.G.)

Church audio CA 14s cards + CA 9200 preamp (+0 db) + Sony MD MZ-NHF 800 (line in) >
Sonicstage > WAV > AUDACITY (split tracks, fade in, fade out) > TLH > FLAC (level 8) >

Recorded from the audience, in front of the stage, 5 meters of mixing desk.
Show ended with Iggy's beer shower...
Rough sound mix with echo during the show.


01 Raw power
02 Search and destroy
03 Gimme danger
04 Shake appeal
05 1970
06 Fun house
07 Night theme (Iggy Pop/James Williamson)
08 Beyond the law (Iggy Pop/ James Williamson)
09 I got a right
10 I wanna be your dog
11 Open up and bleed

12 crowd

13 Penetration
14 No fun
15 The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
16 Cock in my pocket
17 Louie Louie (Richard Berry)

Total Playtime: 69:45 min

Help to correct the set list if necessary.
Enjoy and, of course, do not sell