Family Force Five
Ignite Chicago 2009
July 19th, 2009
Alexian Field
Schaumburg, IL

Zoom H2 > WaveStudio > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper
SQ: Good

These guys were great. If you get a chance you should look for videos of the
dance pit these guys had. It was great. I think it's funny how many people
were complaining about these guys after their set (at least in my group), like
they were the loudest, most abrasive band there. These same people bobbed
along to Disciple and Skillet no problem though. Whatever. Track 7 is some
on-stage banter, but I love the comment from a woman standing near me, "I've
never heard them on K-Love!" I had to smile.

1. Fever
2. Drama Queen
3. banter
4. Numb
5. Party Foul
6. Supersonic
7. banter
8. Radiator
9. Love Addict
10. Get Your Back Off the Wall
11. Earthquake