Ignite Chicago 2009
July 19th, 2009
Alexian Field
Schaumburg, IL

Zoom H2 > WaveStudio > FLAC > Trader's Little Helper
SQ: Good

This set made me fall in love with these guys. I had liked them before, but
this did it. Great set here. The sound is better than it should be
considering all the jumping around I and other people were doing. There is
some panning because of this, but it still sounds alright. The banging sound
you can hear between some tracks was a fan near me that had a frying pan and
a wooden spoon to bang it with it. Security came and took her skillet about
half way through. Apparently they didn't get it.

1. intro
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. Better Than Drugs
4. banter
5. The Older I Get
6. Comatose
7. banter
8. I'll Be There For You (power ballad explanation)
9. Yours to Hold
10. banter
11. The Last Night
12. Those Nights
13. banter
14. Monster
15. Rebirthing
16. Savior