Ike & Tina Turner, Terry Reid, B. B. King
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
09 November 1969 (late show)
G-VG audience recording

Lineage: audience master > wav > flac

Mastering: None except indexing of tracks.

Track listing:

Disc 1 (49:27)

Ike & Tina Turner
Come Together [start cut] 3:06
Respect 8:36

Terry Reid
Marking Time 6:06
I've Got News for You 10:17
Superlungs 4:37

B. B. King
You're Chokin' Me [start cut] 11:07
Instrumental [start cut] 3:57

The above timings are song timings, not CD track timings.

Some years ago i received a box of master reels to transfer, all recorded in the S.F. area
in 1969 and 1970, and including a variety of artists. I think most of these are in
circulation, how widely i don't know. They were all recorded by the same taper, and these
were the original reels.

Tape details:
This is a partial recording of the opening acts for the Rolling Stones Oakland concert on
09 November 1969. I don't know how long each of these three groups played, so i don't know
how much is missing. This is from the late show; the taper also recorded the late show by
the Stones. Considering how many copies of that famous Stone concert are out there,
there's probably not much interest in another recording of that. But the opening acts may
not be available elsewhere; at least i haven't seen them.

Quality is decent, considering that a coliseum is probably the worst place acoustically for
an audience recording. The acoustics are a little boomy but vocals are easily audible.

I hope i've got the song titles correct for Terry Reid and B. B. King; i'm not an expert on
either of them.