The Incredible String Band

Fillmore East, New York, 1968/11/27

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ISB at this time were Robin Williamson, Mike Heron, Rose Simpson, and Licorice McKechnie.

Disc One
1. The Half Remarkable Question (Williamson)
2. ****** Jigs - Unknown/Comb Your Hair And Curl It (Trad.) ******
3. Waltz Of The New Moon (Williamson)
4. You Get Brighter (Heron)
5. White Bird (Heron)
6. The Iron Stone (Williamson)
7. A Very Cellular Song (Heron)
8. Log Cabin Home In The Sky (Heron)

Disc Two
1. Job's Tears (Williamson)
2. Cousin Caterpillar (Heron)
3. The Song Has No Ending (Williamson/Heron)
4. Creation (Williamson)

Source : Audience Tape

Notes : From Dave Styles - The Fillmore "Scottish Jig" is, in fact two jigs - almost certainly Irish, one being a "normal" jig in 6/8 and the second being "Comb Your Hair And Curl It". The first we couldn't place, but is almost certainly an unknown trad Irish Jig - possibly even somewhere in Robin's tune book.

Special thanks to David V. for hookin' it up with this wonderful show, and to Shane Pope and Paul Bryant, who put together the "Relics of the ISB" website. Their site is a valuable resource for info on ISB ROIOs, from which I copied the setlist and notes section. Visit it at:

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