Incredible String Band_Beverley 24.10.02_E.C

Incredible String Band
Beverley Playhouse
East Yorkshire
(24th Oct 2002)

Disc 1:

01 ducks on a pond
02 chinese white
03 about doorways & weather
04 worlds they rise & fall
05 the eyes of fate
06 douglas traherne harding
07 the street (David Blue song)
08 waltz of the new moon
09 empty pocket blues

Disc 2:

01 african bird (Lawson's solo piano tune)
02 the land of no return
03 black jack davy
04 maker of islands
05 tidewave (Anne Briggs song)
06 fun in a cottonfield (Clive's Banjo solo)
07 strings in the earth & air (Dr Strangely Strange song)
08 job's tears
09 whether near or far (Bina's Hindi song) ***
10 you know what you could be


Robin Williamson
Mike Heron
Clive Palmer
Lawson Dando
Bina Williamson

*** Robin introduces this song with it's proper title (which i can't quite make out,
but from a few articles i remember reading in the past, 'Whether Near or Far' seems
to be the title the song went under -it may be incorrect though).

An audience recording that came into my hands a few years ago (no idea who recorded
the show though), which i cleaned up a bit. It is a touch hissy in places, but certainly (in my opinion anyway) doesn't spoil ones enjoyment of the gig.

Both Robin & Bina left the String Band shortly after this tour & so didn't join the
rest of the group, when they eventually did the tour of America, which Robin mentions is possibly on the cards the following year.

I really liked this version of the band (unlike some folk) & saw them four or five times
during this period. A bit shambolic at times perhaps, but still Great!!!

Artwork included.

As with most of my bootlegs, i acquired them from loads of different places such as
blogs, bootleg sites & from purchasing them in shady markets (before i had use of the internet & knew anything about torrents & file sharing) & i really can't tell where
every individual recording came from.

so in advance: a thousand apologies to any of the tapers or individuals who originally placed these recordings up for all of us to lavish our love upon.

thank you very much for sharing, i only mean to do the same & take no credit
for these bootlegs being born into our collective lap.