House Of Blues, Chicago, IL

Mato Nanji: guitar, vocals
Pte Nanji: bass
Horse: percussion
Wandbi Nanji: drums, vocals

source: soundboard>cdr trade>mkw>wav>nero wave editor +>wav>flac level8
+="Blues From The Sky" was orginally split into 2 tracks at guitar solo and I combined the 2 tracks as one they should be. I didn't do anything else to this show as it sounds great.

01: Intro
02: You Were The One
03: 7 Steps Away
04: The Fault's My Own
05: Blues This Mornin'
06: Rest Of My Days
07: Now That You're Gone
08: Can't Keep Me From You
09: Blues From The Sky (pt. 1)+
10: Things We Do
11: Little Time>
12: The Ghost Of Tom Joad