BB Kings
New York City

Source - Sony PCM-D50
Sound Transfer - Sony PCM-D50 > USB > Soundforge 8.0 >Flac
Location - Orch Ctr Row F
Taper -

01 - Intro > Place I Know
02 - Leaving
03 - I Wonder
04 - Hold On
05 - It's Alright With Me

This was a very short set. This is a very hard venue to record at. There was a couple sitting at the table in front of me, They spoke to me before the show as to say how glad they where to be there and they coundnt wait for the show to start. I did let them know I was going to record the show. as soon as the show started the couple started yelling into eachothers ears and did this mostly the whole show. Guess they really werent there for the show. it was a great show though other then the as_hole couple.
Hope you all enjoy the show. You can check out indigenous at there website.