Indigenous - 2011-10-01 - Blue Springs, MO


October 01, 2011
Trouser Mouse Bar & Grill
Blue Springs, MO

Taper: Figmo23
Location: Center - 25 ft from stage


Set List (1:26:17)
01. Little Time (4:58)
02. Place I Know (7:09)
03. It's Alright With Me (5:55)
04. Let It Rain (5:10)
05. You've Got Something (4:32)
06. Six Feet Down (13:06)
07. Seven Steps Away (5:54)
08. All Night Long (4:44)
09. Chasing The Sun (8:37)
10. The Way You Shake (8:53)
11. Hear My Train A Comin' [Jimi Hendrix] (10:05)

12. Little Wing [Jimi Hendrix] (7:16)



Mato Nanji - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Derek Post - Electric Guitar/Vocals
Charles Sanders - Drums
Horse - Congos


Audience >
Zoom H4N (Internal Mics – Rec/Mic Level 1) @ 96kHz/24bit Wav

Adobe Audition 3.0 (Downsampled and dithered to 44.1kHz/16bit Wav) >
Steinberg Wavelab [Leveler, DeNoiser, Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ,
Waves MaxxBass, Izotope Ozone 4, Waves L3 MultiMaximizer],
fade out added to end >
CD Wave (Split Tracks) >
Trader's Little Helper (Flac 8 Encoding, MD5, torrent)


Here is Indigenous performing at Trouser Mouse in Blue Springs, MO.
Mato Nanji and Indigenous are an amazing live band! Seeing them perform
live is all it really takes for someone to become a fan. I have seen them
perform before, but have never been able to capture a recording of their
performance. The highlight of the night for me was the slow blues song
“Six Feet Down”, which was worth the price of admission.

There was a pretty noticeable buzz/hum from the amps/P.A., but is only
audible during the quieter parts. I set my recorder on the bar so it picks
up minimal chatter. The fan next to me at the bar gets a little animated at
times during the recording, but I can’t really blame him. Indigenous will
perform in the Kansas City area two more times in the next couple of months.
I will tape these performances and share them here as well. I snapped a few
pictures with the camera on my cell phone and included them in the torrent.