The Beachland Ballroom

Cleveland Ohio

January 26th, 2012'

Recorded And Transferred By Chris Nader

Lineage:Audio Technica AT-853 Slimline HyperCardioid Microphones>9.0v Battery Box
>Sharp MD-MT90>TDK MD-74 Minidisc>SoundForge 4.5>Nero Express>CD-R

Editing : Bob Pitlak

I received this show from Tammy un-tracked and with inherent problems, after fixing
some glitches and volume drop-off's i think you're gonna like the results.

Here's the technical stuff on my end:

Lineage: CD-R>Audio Ripped With Power2Go>Tracks Split With CD Wav>Dithering With
Audacity>Traders Little Helper>Flac>You


Disc 1>Track 1>Volume Boosted +3db/+6db Begin @ 02:74 Seconds End @ 05:25 Seconds.
Disc 1>Track 8>Removed Gaps @ 4:26.51-4:26.63 And 4:27.66-4:28.09 Minutes
Disc 1>Track 10>Removed Gaps @ 3:26.18-3:26.22 And 3:27.30-3:27.36 And 3:30.38-3:30.47
Disc 1>Track 11>Volume Drop Off Begin @ 2:13.40 End @ 2:16.72 Restored With Amplify In
Audacity + 6 db Then Normalized With Audacity.

Only parts of the recording above in need of repair or restoration were tampered with,
the remainder of the recording remains in it's unaltered state.

Apparently Mato had some amp problems at the very beginning of the first song
which seemed to disappear rather quickly.

*Big thanx to tammycz on Dime & Indigenousgroups@yahoo for making this happen !

*Certainly big thanx to Chris Nader for recording & sharing this with us !

Another fabulous show from Indigenous, as Mato & Co. continue to do what they do best
which is playing great music show after show, delighting the crowds wherever they go.

This band is slightly different than previous incarnations as Derek Post is playing
bass and handling back-up vocals and Mato's cousin American Horse is back on percussion.

What hasn't changed is Mato's ability to play guitar and captivate the audience with such
great songwriting abilities that seem to capture a feeling that Mato is trying to pass on
to the listener, taking life experiences and making music isn't easily done sometimes yet
Indigenous makes it look easy.

This show is a little different then the Stanhope House, seems like Mato wanted to play
stuff he hasn't played often enough skipping his usual tributes to Jimi Hendrix he opted
to play some songs from the early years, which is really nice because i like spontaneity
and if that's the case it's fine by me, it's all good.

Great performance here, one highlight here is an instrumental version of "Six Feet Down"
paying obvious homage the the late Stevie Ray Vaughan with the haunting guitarwork that
speaks volumes in itself.

Nice sounding audience recording !

If you like blues-rock, and don't know Indigenous then you're gonna wanna grab this show,
if you know Indigenous it's a no-brainer !

Support the artist by going to a live show & buying a cd etc.

How to:

The Band:

Mato Nanji:Guitar/Vocals
Derek Post:Bass
Charles Sanders:Drums
American Horse:Percussion


Disc 1 ( 60:33 ) Min

1:Out Of Nowhere
2:Little Time
3:Place I Know
4:You've Got Something
5:It's Alright With Me
6:Number Nine Train
7:Seven Steps Away
8:Rest Of My Days
9:Blues This Morning
10:I'm Still Here
11:Things We Do

Disc 2 ( 29:29 ) Min

2:The Way You Shake
3:Six Feet Down

This goes out to everyone who couldn't be there.

Artwork Included

Not 4 Sale Trade Only !

Crack One Open Enjoy !