Indigenous - 2012-07-06 - Trouser Mouse Bar & Grill - Blue Springs, MO


July 06, 2012
Trouser Mouse Bar & Grill
Blue Springs, MO

Taper: Figmo23
Location: Left - 15 ft. from stage


Set List (1:26:24)
01. Storm (3:38)
02. Free Yourself, Free Your Mind (5:15)
03. Everywhere I Go (5:27)
04. I Was Wrong To Leave You (8:29)
05. No Matter What It Takes (5:37)
06. Someone Like You (6:25)
07. Broken Lands (5:58)
08. You've Got Something (5:45)
09. Number Nine Train (5:56)
10. Six Feet Down (9:49)
11. Leaving (11:16)
12. Little Time (3:27)
13. The Way You Shake (9:22)



Mato Nanji - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Derek Post - Electric Guitar/Vocals
Charles Sanders - Drums


Audience >
Zoom H4N (Internal Mics � Rec/Mic Level 1) @ 96kHz/24bit Wav

Adobe Audition 3.0 (Downsampled and dithered to 44.1kHz/16bit Wav) >
Steinberg Wavelab [Leveler, DeNoiser,
Izotope Ozone 5: Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, Maximizer],
fade out added to the end >
CD Wave (Split Tracks) >
Trader's Little Helper (Flac 8 Encoding, MD5, torrent)


Here is Indigenous returning once again to the Trouser Mouse Bar & Grill
in Blue Springs, MO. This is the fifth performance for Indigenous in the
Kansas City area in the past year and I have been fortunate enough to tape
audio for all five shows.

If you have enjoyed any of these recordings, please share them freely and
convert your friends to the excellent music of Mato Nanji and Indigenous.
Their new CD "Indigenous - Featuring Mato Nanji " was released this May
and they are touring in support of the album.

Visit for 2012 tour dates and I strongly
suggest catching the band live and witnessing these songs in person.
You won�t regret it.

One of my audio software programs seems to be expired and produces short
bursts of white noise and I can't seem to get rid of it. It doesn't seem too
noticeable unless it is during the quieter parts. Sorry!

My other four Indigenous uploads are still alive on here Dime
and I can help seed them after this torrent gets fully seeded.