Artist: Indigenous
Date: 2013-06-28
Venue: SPACE in Evanston, IL

Mato Nanji - Vocals/Electric Guitar
Derek Post - Baritone Guitar/Vocals
Charles Sanders - Drums

Source: Tascam DR-40 (internal mics) > SD Card > wav > PC > Audacity > Flac
Location: 20' in front of stage, a little left of center

1. Everything You Need
2. Lonely Road
3. Can't Cry No More
4. Take Me Back
5. I Was Wrong To Leave You
6. Rest Of My Days
7. Things We Do
8. Tell Me
9. C'mon Suzie
10. Come On Home
11. Hear My Train Coming
12. Six Feet Down (instrumental)

notes: The first three songs suffered from my taping inexperience. I had the input volume set too high and this caused some distortion. It gets corrected in the middle of the third track and the rest of the show doesnt have that problem. Indigenous was a great show and Mato Nanji can really play.

Quality: a solid B/B+ audience recording once the input volume issues were resolved

taped by: lukeman89