Indigo Girls
1981-11: Study Hall Ap English, Shamrock High School - Decatur, Georgia

Lineage: Unknown. Have Been Collecting Ig Boots Since 1989, Some On Cassette (Converted To Wav Using Cool Edit Pro 2.1), Some On Cd, And Some From Torrents, But Never Kept Any Records Of What Came From Where. Converted To Flac Using Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0.

(Acoustic Duo Show)


01. It's Too Late (2:20)
02. Her Town Too (4:17)
03. Back Together Again (2:11)
04. Tuesday's Children (3:17)
05. A Heart In New York (2:29)
06. Wysteria (4:29)
07. You've Got A Friend (2:30)

A Pretty Good Sounding Copy Of The 1981 Tape Of A Performance By Amy And Emily For Their Ap English Class Back At Shamrock High School. This Is Quite Possibly Their First Performance In Front Of An Audience, Please See This 2000 Interview With Emily For More Info: