indigo girls
1987-11-13: chapel hill, north carolina

lineage: unknown. have been collecting ig boots since 1989, some on cassette (converted to wav using cool edit pro 2.1), some on cd, and some from torrents, but never kept any records of what came from where. converted to flac using trader's little helper 2.7.0.

(acoustic duo show)


01. cold as ice (4:39)
02. make it easier (4:35)
03. lifeblood (4:31)
04. pushing the needle too far (3:59)
05. crazy game (3:45)
06. thin line (3:34)
07. nashville (4:29)
08. left me a fool (6:11)
09. no way to treat a friend (3:10)
10. blood and fire (4:43)
11. hey jesus (cut) (5:08)
12. land of canaan (4:56)
13. never stop (4:24)
14. white house blues (3:44)
15. you left it up to me (5:32)
16. strange fire (6:16)
17. all along the watchtower (5:19)

a really good sounding recording of a great performance, includes "make it easier", "no way to treat a friend", and "hey jesus". the earliest known bootleg with "blood and fire". it appears to be around this time that amy and emily each starting playing solo songs in the middle of the set, at this show it was one each, as time went by it became two each, and in later years become an option that one or both sometimes use but most of the time don't.