indigo girls
1988-09-25: athens music festival (with michael stipe) - athens, georgia

lineage: unknown. have been collecting ig boots since 1989, some on cassette (converted to wav using cool edit pro 2.1), some on cd, and some from torrents, but never kept any records of what came from where. converted to flac using trader's little helper 2.7.0.

(acoustic duo show)


01. advertisement for the show (michael stipe) (0:54)
02. ain't no sunshine (3:37)
03. first we take manhattan (4:46)
04. hairshirt (6:16)
05. i'll give you my skin (5:23)
06. midnight train to georgia (6:17)
07. prince of darkness (5:40)
08. 11th untitled song (4:24)
09. kid fears (5:24)
10. harpers (1:13)
11. all along the watchtower (7:11)
12. dark globe (1:33)
13. summertime (3:15)

a pretty good sounding recording with michael stipe and amy and emily teaming up to play the athens music festival. six months later the indigo girls first epic release would be out and they would spend three weeks opening arena shows for rem's 'green' tour. the setlist is an interesting mix of rem and indigo girls songs as well as a number of covers.