Indigo Girls
1989-02-21: Wrek - Atlanta, Georgia

Lineage: Unknown. Have Been Collecting Ig Boots Since 1989, Some On Cassette (Converted To Wav Using Cool Edit Pro 2.1), Some On Cd, And Some From Torrents, But Never Kept Any Records Of What Came From Where. Converted To Flac Using Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0.


01. Interview (2:20)
02. Thin Line (3:22)
03. Interview (1:04)
04. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (4:46)
05. Interview (0:32)
06. Half Moon Cafe (3:39)
07. Interview (1:01)
08. Hand Me Downs (2:44)
09. Interview (1:19)
10. Nashville (3:51)
11. Interview (0:52)
12. The Untitled Song (4:26)
13. Interview (1:18)
14. Welcome Me (4:06)
15. Interview (1:13)
16. Love Of The Common People (2:53)
17. Interview (0:40)

A Light Hearted Home Town Radio Performance From The Night Before "Indigo Girls" Was First Available In Atlanta Area Record Stores. The Interviewer Is A Little Out Of It At Times But The Sound Quality On This One Is Really Terrific. Features A Rare Performance Of "Half Moon Cafe", A Beautiful Rendition Of "The Untitled Song", A Solo Version Of "Hand Me Downs" Which Amy Introduces By Saying It Was Written The Night Before, And A Very Fun Run Up To "Love Of The Common People". If You Only Ever Download One Show, This Would Be My Recommendation.