Indigo Girls
1994-08-22: Ksca Studios - Glendale, California

Lineage: Unknown. Have Been Collecting Ig Boots Since 1989, Some On Cassette (Converted To Wav Using Cool Edit Pro 2.1), Some On Cd, And Some From Torrents, But Never Kept Any Records Of What Came From Where. Converted To Flac Using Trader'S Little Helper 2.7.0.

(Acoustic Duo Show)


01. Interview (2:21)
02. Fare Thee Well (3:54)
03. Watershed (5:34)
04. Interview (0:32)
05. Reunion (4:19) (Removed - Commercially Released)
06. Interview (9:29)

An Excellent Recording Of A Chaotic But Very Fun Radio Appearance From The Swamp Ophelia Tour. In Addition To Some Terrific Interview Segments, The Acoustic Duo Song Performances Are Wonderful As Well.