indigo girls
2009-03-26: living room radio program (wfuv) - new york, new york

lineage: unknown. have been collecting ig boots since 1989, some on cassette (converted to wav using cool edit pro 2.1), some on cd, and some from torrents, but never kept any records of what came from where. converted to flac using trader's little helper 2.7.0.


01. introduction (1:17)
02. love of our lives (3:40)
03. sugar tongue (3:56)
04. closer to fine (4:29)
05. yield (4:01)
06. fleet of hope (4:39)
07. driver education (2:29)
08. interview (8:13)
09. power of two (4:54)
10. kid fears (5:04)
11. what are you like (3:06)
12. second time around (5:17)
13. galileo (5:56)

an excellent recording of an acoustic duo performance, which mixes old favorites with some of the new tracks from "poseiden and the bitter bug", which had just been released two days earlier. standouts include "love of our lives" and "second time around", and a great interview segment.