The Infamous Stringdusters
Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center
Hillsboro, Oregon

Recordist: Mark Burgin Tapermarkatyahoodotcom
Source: Neumann Ak40'S~>Lc3'S~>Km100'S~>Grace Design Lunatec V2~>Busilver Interconnectst~>Edriol R-4.
Microphone Location: 10 Feet From Stage, Dfc, 4 Feet High
Microphone Configuration: Ortf [17Cm 110 Degrees]
Recorded Format: 24 Bit, 48 Khz
Conversion: Edirol R-4~>Usb~>Dell Dimension 4600.
Editing: Samplitude 7.02 (Normalization, Crowd Leveling (See Notes) And Fades)
Downsample/Dither: Wavelab 5.0 (Dithered Using Apogee Uv22R Algorythym)
Final Format: 16 Bit, 44.1 Khz
Tracking: Cdwave 1.93.3
Compression: Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 8)
Sbe Verfification: Shntool 3.0.2

Please do not buy/sell this recording or distribute in lossy formats. Thanks.

Set One: [50:13]
01 Intro, [1:57]
02 No More to Leave You Behind, [4:23]
03 Lovin' You, [6:12]
04 Fork In The Road, [4:45]
05 One More Blues, [3:55]
06 Poor Boys Delight, [5:16]
07 As Lonesome As It Gets, [6:50]
08 Chop Can, [4:50]
09 Starry Night, [3:25]
10 Tragic Life, [6:15]
11 GGBG, [2:25]

Set Two: [53:37]
01 Intro, [0:52]
02 All I Can Take, [4:34]
03 No Resolution, [6:28]
04 Dream You Back, [3:03]
05 Wildfire, [4:41]
06 You Take My Breath Away, [4:59]
07 Travelin' Teardrop Blues, [5:09]
08 Were You There, [4:55]
09 Deep Elem Blues, [5:51]
10 Moon Man, [10:29]
11 E: Uncle Pen, [2:36] #

# unplugged at lip of stage

Andy Hall: Dobro and vocals
Chris Eldridge: Guitar
Chris Pandolfi: Banjo
Jeremy Garret: Fiddle and vocals
Jesse Cobb: Mandolin
Travis Brook: Bass

Notes: Well I sacrificed microphone height for microphone placement.
Since I was so close I couldn't run them very high hence the clapping after songs will blow your eardrums out.
So I lowered the volume after every song and normalized each song individually.
On a few songs folks clapped after every solo so I attempted as best as I could to level out the crowd on those portions.
I feel the end result is a more pleasing listen than the original recording if i'd left it as is.
I wish they played the whole show from the stage lip unplugged. The encore is the best sounding of all the songs.

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