Infamous Stringdusters
Bell's Back Room
Kalamazoo, MI

Source:Neumann ak40(DIN)>LC3>KM100>W.mod UA5>DR-680
Transfer:SD card>Samplitude SE No.9>CD wave Editor>TLH
Location:FOB/DFC/NWSS 8' high
Taped and seeded by Craig Hanger

track.01 Wonder
track.02 Well
track.03 Keep Trucking
track.04 Far I'd Fall
track.05 God's
track.06 P68
track.07 L.River
track.08 Destinado
track.09 M. Moonlight
track.10 PBD
track.11 17 Cents
track.12 Hitchhiker
track.13 It'll B Alright
track.14 Chop Can
track.15 High Rd
track.16 Steam
track.17 Noodles
track.18 NMTL
track.19 Dream Backs
track.20 Break
track.21 Encore #1
track.22 Encore #2

Setlist came from picture of New Yorker cover that it was written on.
Also first stringdusters show.