The Infamous Stringdusters
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
High Meadow Stage
Walsh Farm
Oak Hill, New York
July 19, 2013
Master Audience Recorded By Keo
Nakamichi CM300/CP4 Shotguns > 2' Custom Microphone Bar >
10' Monster Cables > Korg MR-1000 @ 1Bit/5.6MHz
Microphones Dead Center Approximately 75' Behind Soundboard Tent's
Back Right Corner, 9' High
Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion With AudioGate Software To 32/96kHz Wave
Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44
SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper
Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename


02.Don't Mean Nothin'
03.Winds Of Change
04.Once Your Gone
06.Road To Boulder
08.End Of The Line
09.Summer Camp
10.Traveling Tear Drop Blues >
11.Walking On The Moon
12.No More To Leave You Behind
13.Let It Go
14.Love Light
16.Don't Think Twice It's All Right
17.Get It While You can >
18.Black Rock
19.Encore Break


20.Fork In The Road
21.Thank You's/Outro

Travis Book - Bass, Vocals
Andy Falco - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Garrett - Fiddle, Vocals
Andy Hall - Dobro, Vocals
Chris Pandolfi - Banjo, Vocals

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Comments:Another Fantastic set from the High Meadow
Stage and this days music at Grey Fox!We have been
looking forward to this years Infamous Stringduster's
set since last years set and like last years
they did not dissapoint and gave us an excellent
hour or so of their music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AS ALWAYS ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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