The Infamous Stringdusters
The Fourth Annual Festy Experience
Devils Backbone Brewery
Roseland, Virginia
October 12, 2013
Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Baker!
Nakamichi CM300/CP1's > Marantz PMD620 > Flac 16/44
Microhones Set Up Right side Just In Front Of Soundboard
Tracks Renamed With AudioGate Software
Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename By Keo

Set 1:

01.Ain't No Way Of Knowing
02.Get It While You Can
03.Black Rock
04.The Place That I Call Home
05.Long Lonesome Day >
07.When Silence Is The Only Sound >
09.Don't Think Twice It's Alright
10.Kelpers *
11.Fire *

Set 2:

12.TL Blues
13.Paypal Jamgrass
14.Try Try Try
15.Three Days In July
16.Red Fox
18.Rivers Run Cold
19.Love One Another
21.I'll Get Away
22.Walking On The Moon
24.Let It Go
26.Moon Man, Encore Break


27.Up On Cripple Creek
28.Chopping Car
29.How Far I'd Fall For You, Thank You's

Travis Book - Bass, Vocals
Andy Falco - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Garrett - Fiddle, Vocals
Andy Hall - Dobro, Vocals
Chris Pandolfi - Banjo, Vocals
* With John Scofield! *

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Comments:A Huge Thanks out to Mr. Baker for
recording and sharing his source for this show!
Right channel recording levels are a bit lower
than the left's, still another excellent share
from Mr. Baker's Masters and the Festy Experience!
AS ALWAYS ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!