Infamous Stringdusters
Winter Wondergrass - Mainstage
Nottingham Park
Avon, CO

Source: MBHO KA500HN(DIN)>Naiant PFA>Oade Marantz PMD 661MKII[Concert Mod](24/48)
Location: FOB, DFC, 9' high, 45' from stage
Info: SDHC>PC>Wave Lab 6.1(levels, fades, conversion)>CD Wave 1.98(tracks)>TLH(level 8)
Recorded by: Rob O'Brien (robotaper)

01. Introduction
02. It'll Be Alright
03. Well Well
04. Try Try Try
05. Rivers Run Cold
06. 17 Cents
07. Time To Part
08. Middlefork
09. Blockies
10. I'll Get Away
11. Once You're Gone
12. Get It While You Can
13. Black Rock
14. Fearless
15. Fork In The Road
16. Don't Think Twice
17. Heady Festy

18. No More To Leave You Behind
19. Let It Go

- Portions of Fork In the Road, Don't Think Twice, and Heady Festy sourced from AT853s(4.7k mod)>CA9100>Tascam DR-2d (Thanks Matt!)
- High winds and cold weather had an impact on the recording - however it turned out quite nice (rdo).
- Flacs tagged w/Mp3tag