Infamous Stringdusters
The Lincoln Theater
Raleigh, NC
March 13. 2014

Soundboard -> Marantz pmd620 -> Tascam cc222 -> CD -> WAV -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac 8


d1t01 It'll Be Alright
d1t02 Hitchhiker
d1t03 Road To Boulder
d1t04 All That I Can Take
d1t05 Sweet Head ->
d1t06 Rosalie McFall
d1t07 Like I Do
d1t08 Likes Of Me
d1t09 Light And Love
d1t10 Rivers Run Cold
d1t11 Time To Part
d2t01 By My Side
d2t02 Well Well
d2t03 How Far I'd Fall
d2t04 I Am A Stranger
d2t05 Gone On
d2t06 Heady Festy ->
d2t07 In God's Country
d2t08 Let It Go
d2t09 End O Line
d2t10 Red Fox
d2t11 Get On With It
d2t12 Travelin' Teardrop Blues ->
d2t13 After Midnight
d2t14 Cripple Creek
d2t15 No More To Leave You Behind
d2t16 Once You're Gone


Andy Hall - Dobro
Andy Falco - Guitar
Chris Pandolfi - Banjo
Jeremy Garrett - Fiddle
Travis Book - Upright Bass

March tour to support their newest album Let It Go. Thanks to Drew Becker for the patch and support.

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