The Infamous Stringdusters
Rhythms on the Rio Fest
South Fork, CO
August 6th, 2015

Source- Nakamichi CM300 mics (CP1 caps)
Recorder: Tascam DR-60D @ 16/44.1
Processing: SD Card > PC > Audacity > Traders Little Helper FLAC8
Recorded and processed by billydee (

One Set
01- Intro > Light and Love
02- Once Youre Gone
03- Peace of Mind
04- Night On the River
05- Well, Well
06- Larry Keel intro
07- Pioneers
08- When Silence Is The Only Sound
09- 17 Cents
10- I'm Head Over Heels In Love
11- Home Of The Red Fox
12- Poor Boys Delight
13- Highwayman
14- Tragic Life
15- What's That Youre Doin'?
16- Heady Festy
17- Black Rock
18- banter
19- Let it Go
20- banter
21- All That I Can Take
22- Jack Straw
23- encore call
24- Weary Hearts

Total time- 01:58:50

The Infamous Stringdusters are:
-Andy Hall (Dobro)
-Andy Falco (guitar)
-Jeremy Garrett (fiddle)
-Travis Book (double bass)
-Chris Pandolfi (banjo)

Do yourself a favor and see this amazing band live, and buy some of their recordings and merch.

Thanks to the Dusters FOH engineer Drew and festival engineer Blake Hemmert for their support and assistance. And very special thanks to Gary at Amiga for making the internet happen so we could webstream this show.

Special thanks and kudos to Paul Orr, Scott Stecken, Bob Mason and the rest of the Rhythms on the Rio board of directors and volunteers for putting on the best little festival in the West!

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