Ingfried Hoffmann
NDR Jazzworkshop No. 48 - "Fun, Sense, and Humor"
Studio 10, Grosser Sendesaal des NDR Funkhauses, Hamburg, Germany
25 November 1966

Source: FM radio broadcast - unknown lineage (original files as received in a trade)

01. Fun (Opener I � Hot Dogs) 2:15 [Solo: Kriegel]
02. Why Not 3:24 [Solo: Gemeinwieser]
03. For Bud Only 5:37 [Rhythm section only. Solos: Ingfried Hoffmann (p), Bachtr�gl (d)]
04. Bossa 3:37 [Solos: Schmid-Neuhaus (fl), Schoof]
05. Favelas 4:08 [Solos: Weissweiler, Schoof, Kriegel]
06. Carnival 5:39 [Solos: Ehrig/Thomas/McKay, Bachtr�gl/Kr�ger]
07. Fun #2 3:33 [Solos: Kriegel, Ingfried Hoffmann (org)]
08. Just One Piece 6:38 [Solos: Dudek (ts), Schoof, Ingfried Hoffmann (p)]
09. For Flutes Only 4:02 [Solos: Rosenstein (fl), Frank Lemaire (fl), Kandelberger]
10. Lazy Bones (inc (face out)) 2:49 [Solos: Gerd Hoffmann, Kr�ger (tb)]
11. Four Mothers 4:53 [Solos: Rosenstein (ts), Lindner (ts), Unbehagen (as), Dudek (ts)]
12. And Humor (Opener III � Hot Stuff) 2:21 [Solo: Schoof]
13. Crazy Cats 7:14 [Solos: Ingfried Hoffmann (p), Dudek (ts), Schoof (flh), Kandelberger]
14. Strings on Wings 7:57 [Kriegel and rhythm section only. Solos: Ingfried Hoffmann (vb), Kriegel]
15. In a Blue Mood 5:44 [Solos: Dudek (ts), Ingfried Hoffmann (p)]
16. Rendezvous mit Pan 3:11 [Solos: Kriegel, Schoof]
17. Beat Bop 6:37 [Solos: Kriegel, Ingfried Hoffmann (org)]

Total time 1:19:39

Ingfried Hoffmann (comp, p, org, vib, tp)
G�nter Ehrig, Hans Thomas, William McKay (tpt)
Manfred Schoof (tpt, flh, cornet)
Horst Gemeinwieser, Gerd Hoffmann, Erhard �Ed� Kr�ger (tb, conga)
Gernot Lemaire (tb, bass tb)
Thomas Weissweiler (tuba)
Harald Rosenstein (as, ts, cl, fl, tb)
Manfred Lindner (as, ts, cl, bcl)
Gerd Dudek (ts, cl)
Niels Unbehagen (as, cl, p)
Frank Lemaire (ts, bs, fl, piccolo)
Ingo Schmid-Neuhaus (bs, fl)
Volker Kriegel (g)
Helmut Kandelberger (b)
Erich Bachtr�gl (d)

Producer: Hans Gertberg

"Four Mothers" is included on the LP NDR Jazzworkshop '67 (NDR 599 865). However, all of the NDR Jazzworkshop compilations are apparently non-commercial releases. They are distributed as "library music", and are not available for purchase by consumers, which makes them promo-only releases. (Source: Dime ban lift notice for torrent #172494)

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