The 2007 International Blues Challenge
February 3, 2007
The Orpheum Theater
Memphis, TN

This was my first year to attend this event. I have lived in this area for my entire life and somehow had never reealized this was going on right under my nose. 2007 is the 23rd year. Great music, great venue. Check and make your plans for next year.

Lineage: AM1's>CA ST20B>NJB3>Audacity>FLAC>YOU
There is some crowd talk in portions but the music comes through strong.

1. WSNB (Cape Fear Blues Society)
2. The Juke Joint Sinners (Iowa Blues Societies)
3. Sean Carney Band (Columbus Blues Alliance)FIRST PLACE WINNER
4. Homemade Jamz' Blues Band (Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola)SECOND PLACE WINNER
5. Levee Town (Kansas City Blues Society)
6. David Shelley Band (South Florida Blues Society)
7.Mighty Lester (Triangle Blues Society) THIRD PLACE WINNER
8. Teddy Lee Hooker (Southern California Blues Society)
9. Malted Milk (Blues Sur Seine)
10. Clarence "The Blues Man" Turner (DC Blues Society)