29th International Blues Challenge 2013
Orpheum Theater
February 2, 2013
Memphis, TN

Lineage: AM-1's>CA ST-20B>NJB3(44.1 kHz, 16b)>Audacity(Hard limit, normalize, fades)>FLAC>you
Location:Left Box, about 40 ft from the stage

Once again I had the pleasure of attending the annual IBC held in Memphis. Each year is different in that the talent is varied from around the world and the competition is structured, at least the finals, a little differently each year. This year the band and single/duo competition was combined for the finals. As always each performance was limited to 20 minutes with penalties for going over the time. To keep it simple the finalists were performing in band-solo-band order, alphabetically within each category, with 9 bands and 8 solo/duo contenders. This became an endurance challenge for the audiance somewhat as this started at 12 noon and ended about eight PM. As before, the recordings are tracked as the entire act performance, approximately 20 minutes each.

The recordings are shortened to include the intros,performance and outros with the announcements removed. This still creates just over 332 minutes (5 hours 32 minutes of music!!!). The mind becomes numb trying to sort the level of talent as they perform during the day. Regardless, the music was great (as always) and the crowd appreciatuve. It is always fun to see the acts that make the finals, knowing that they are the results of over two hundred acts winnowed down to this group over three days.

If you can make this next year, do it!


The Performers, in order of appearance:

Alex Wilson Band - Grafton Blues Association
Graham Guest - Edmonton Blues Society
Dan Treanor's Afrosippi Band w/ Erica Brown - Colorado Blues Society BAND THIRD PLACE
Little G Weevil - Atlanta Blues Society SOLO WINNER
Ghost Town Blues Band - Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale
Robbert Fossen & Peter Struijk - Dutch Blues Foundation
Howell Devine - The Golden Gate Blues Society
Robert Sampson - Illinois Central Blues Club
Kevin Purcell & the Nightburners - Windy City Blues Society
Salt & Pepper - Spa City Blues Society
Michael van Merwyk & Bluesoul - German Blues Network BAND SECOND PLACE
Steve Balkun - Connecticut Blues Society
Mojo Theory - West Virginia Blues Society
Suitcase Brothers - Barcelona Blues Society SOLO SECOND PLACE
Mr. Sipp & Kin Folk - Vicksburg Blues Society
Suzie Vinnick - Toronto Blues Society
Selwyn Birchwood Band - Suncoast Blues Society BAND WINNER