Interstellar Factory Plays Psychedelic Pink Floyd

This is a compilation made of the recording the band made on July-August 2009, for promotion. And two tracks recorded live with a cam.

Track list:

01. Echoes
02. One Of These Days
03. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

04. Amazing Pudding
05 .A Saucerful Of Secrets

Tracks 1,2,3 were recorded live and without overdubbing in a studio in Roma.
The band choose this kind of recording to fully express and show how the band would sound live, on Stage.
So everyone could have an idea (especially clubs and gig promoters).

Tracks 4 and 5 are extracted by a video shooting live in one of the gigs.
It’s the audio the cam captured, so it is not perfect, but anyway the result was better than the band expected…

The Interstellar Factory is not to be considered as a normal Pink Floyd tribute band.
First of all because the band plays exclusively the 1967-1972 psychedelic era.
An era full of energy, inspiration and psychedelic improvisations. What the band also likes a lot.
Second, because all the tracks are conditioned by the mood of the day.
From gig to gig , songs relatively change, sometimes being longer sometimes shorter…
And the songs don’t become mere executions or reproductions, but always innovative and different.

Feel free to distribute, promote and spread this recording.
(especially to gig promoters or clubs… :) )

For further infos, tour dates, or else you can reach the band via internet at:
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