Irish Wild Rovers - 12 March 2014 - Guiness Night - Portalen Hundige DK
Kick off at 20:05
Crowd: estimated 250 (Full house)
Supported album: Having The Craic

Band Line Up:

Dave Rafferty - Guitar / Vocals
Doireann Nic Mhath�na - Woodwind
Nigel Daley - Accordion
Darach Mac Mathuna - Banjo

H2 Zoom with Mics a 120 degrees rear Stereo internal Mics at level L for low
at 44 000 / 16 Wave
About 6 Meters from stage, 2 meters right of the stage

File extraction to PC

Eq to high end and Bass boost keeping it out of distortion range - volume adjusted both channels after this up to 99,5 % in Adobe Audition 3
Fade in and outs. - All in Adobe Audition 3.0

Track split in LP Ripper

101 - Danish Introduction 00:00
102 - The Wild Rover 04:20
103 - Band Introduction 8:25
104 - The Ferryman 9:25
105 - The Fields Of Athenry 12:30
106 - The Kesh Jigs (From Northern Ireland) 17:50
107 - Molly Malone 22:25
108 - Whiskey In The Jar 26:20
109 - Dublin In The Rare Old Times 30:10
110 - Seven Druken Nights 35:00
111 - Instrumental 40:00
112 - Dirty Old Town 45:00
113 - I'll Tell My Ma ~ It's long Way To Tipperary 48:30

201 - The Black Velvet Band 74:00
202 - Happy Birthday 77:55
203 - The Town I Loved So Well 79:15
204 - Instrumental 84:25
205 - Dueling Banjos 89:45
206 - Danny Boy 93:35
207 - Hills Of Donegal ~ Tamlin Jig 97:20
208 - Leaving Liverpool 101:45
209 - Instrumental (The Lark) 104:30
210 - Red Rose Cafe 110:50
211 - Brown Eyed Girl 113:45
212 - Country Roads 117:40
213 - Galway Girl 121:25
214 - Instrumental 125:15
215 - The Irish Rover 126:55

Concert features:
It was a crowded "Store Sal" (Big Hall), filled to its limit of apx 250 spectators, as this gig launched as one of many Irish / Celtic inspired shows at this venue, over the last year.
The interest for this type of folk music grows. :-)

The instrumentaion of the band was quite an outfit, as they used no rhytm section, such as bass or percussion.
Despite this, the band still managed good known, and some less known Irish songs, garnished with some nice storytelling.
Specially the flute was quite stunning. I really couldn't tell when Doireann had time to breathe, amazing.

It was encouraged right from start of the concert, to come up with requests, yet the band didn't play all of these.

The traditional "Encore Claps" was left out, as the band introduced encores on the fly. :-)

Dave Rafferty several times referred to the Venue as Port Allen. :-)
It is more rightfully Portalen - The Portal.

Guiness and Kilkenny from the tap were available throughout the concert. Yummie.

We had a chance for a talk with Dave Rafferty and Doireann Nic Mhath�na after the show, and they proved very friendly and approachable.
Many could learn from this.
Got a CD bought and signed. "Having The Craic".

A very enjoyable evening, which certainly makes us think of looking them up again, if they return one day.

The recording here, is for free sharing. No limits applied.

No attempts of remastering of this project are welcomed, this sounds as close it ever could, as being at the actual gig.

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