Irma & the Squirmers (original Wangfords without Hank!) Half Moon Herne Hill London UK 1986-04-09 first ever transfer from aud cassette master

Sony mic/Sony Pro Walkman/Played on JVC TD-W718 to adobe audition CS6>phase check>Tracks>Fades> Flac

SBE fix/Checksum in Traders Little helper

Another reunion gig during 1986 for the Andy Roberts line up of the Hank Wangford Band, without Hank of course who recruited new musicians 18 months or so before. Irma Cetas was Melanie Harrold's stage name in the Wangfords - she was only there for the second half. The band were in great form for the audience of about 10!

1st set
01 Station break
02 Banter
03 Honky tonk
04 Banter
05 No wedding today
06 Banter
07 It'll be me
08 Banter
09 Red duster rag
10 Banter
11 Walk on by
12 Banter
13 Big balls in Cowtown
14 Banter

Irma Cetas arrives
15 Fernando's hideaway
16 Banter
17 Love has no pride
18 banter
19 Hold me
20 outro 1st set

2nd set
21 intro 2nd set
22 Me & the old boys
23 banter
24 You're the reason
25 banter
26 You are the object of my affection
27 banter
28 You put the blue in me
29 banter
30 At least I've learnt to stand
31 Bugger Burns
32 Mexico
33 banter
34 Tobacco Road
35 banter
36 Let's dance
37 banter
38 Green door
39 I ain't never had too much fun

Andy Roberts guitar/vocals
Melanie Harrold vocals
BJ Cole pedal steel
Gary Taylor bass/vocals
A Stewart (Stuart?) saxes
Howard Tibble drums/vocals