Irma Thomas
Mark Naftalin's Blues Party September 12, 1983

Originally uploaded as two sets in one torrent, FRANK broke them up into separate torrents.

A second set from the GREAT Soul Queen of New Orleans. These tracks are from a weekly radio show that Mark Naftalin hosted in the 1980's, called Mark Naftalin's Blues Party. Mark and his northern-California based band are the backup on this one.

There is some hiss and tape noise, but the music is still way out front and I've never seen this one on anyone elses list. Also,this fades out at the end- that's how my tape is, too. So, this is a partial broadcast.

Mark Naftalin's Blues Party Sept. 12, 1983
1) Mark Naftalin intros Irma
2) I Won't Cry
3) Ruler of My Heart
4) Money (That's What I Want)
5) Cry On
6) I Done Got Over It
7) It's Raining
8) All I Could Do Was Cry (fades out)